Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning Services


Kitchen Canopy Cleaning

The quick build-up of grease in commercial kitchens can lead to significant risk of hazard. According to AS 1851-2005 regulations, it is mandatory to clean the canopy at least once annually. We take pride in our comprehensive kitchen cleaning program, which includes the diligent cleaning of your canopy and exhaust system

Grease Filter Clean / Replace

By choosing our service, you have the opportunity to save money by replacing soiled and oily filters with high-performing recycled filters. Furthermore, our approach is eco-friendly. With our patented filter exchange service, we utilize a proven combination of chemicals that efficiently cleanse the filter core


Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

Ensuring fire safety in your commercial kitchen is most importance, especially when it comes to grease-laden ducts that can facilitate the rapid spread of hazard. Our exhaust duct cleaning service is an indispensable component in maintaining a secure environment. We understand that monitoring the thoroughness of duct cleaning can be challenging, which is why we take pride in avoiding shortcuts often employed by our competitors

Kitchen Exhaust Fan Cleaning

Keeping your kitchen exhaust fan clean is a simple yet crucial step in safeguarding your motor and maintaining powerful airflow in your exhaust system. For a highly efficient and safe kitchen exhaust setup, it is essential to professionally combine exhaust fan cleaning with regular maintenance of the kitchen canopy.


Australian Standard Compliance – AS1851 – 2005

Our comprehensive Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Program is designed to guarantee your compliance with Australian Standard A.S. 1851-2005, which outlines specific requirements for the cleaning of commercial kitchen exhausts, filters, and canopies. Our program includes the following key services:
  • Regular inspections for grease filters and gutters as per requirements
  • Cleaning of grease filters as needed
  • Annual cleaning of the exhaust system and fan to ensure optimal performance and safety.

By entrusting us with your kitchen cleaning need, you can have peace of mind knowing that your establishment will consistently meet the necessary standards for cleanliness and safety.

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