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Is your floors losing their shine and showing damage?

Pilbara Cleaning Force is here to provide Strip & seal services in Port Hedland and Karratha.

Stripping: The first step is to remove the existing floor finish or sealant. A chemical or stripping solution is applied to the floor and left to dwell for a period of time. This solution helps break down and dissolve the old finish, making it easier to remove. Mechanical scrubbing with stripping pads or brushes is then used to remove the dissolved finish, along with dirt, stains, and grime that may have accumulated on the floor.

Sealing: A new layer of sealant or wax is applied to the floor after it has been removed and thoroughly cleaned. According to the type of flooring and the desired level of shine, coating or wax must be selected. Putting multiple coats will work as long as you give each one enough time to dry. The sealer or wax creates a barrier of protection, shielding the floor from spills, wear, and scratches. It also improves the appearance of the floor by giving it a polished, glossy, or smooth sheen.

The strip and seal process is commonly employed to rejuvenate and protect floors, restoring their original luster and extending their lifespan. It is often used in commercial settings, such as offices, retail stores, hospitals, and schools, as well as in residential environments. Regular maintenance, including sweeping, vacuuming, and damp mopping, is important to sustain the cleanliness and shine of the newly stripped and sealed floor.


Types of Strip & Seal Cleaning

Vinyl Strip and Seal: Vinyl flooring frequently requires stripping and sealing. Starting with a stripping solution and specialized tools like floor scrubbers or buffers, the old sealant or wax is removed. To safeguard and improve the appearance of the vinyl surface, a fresh coat of sealer is placed once the floor has been removed.

Linoleum Strip and Seal Service: To keep their beauty and longevity, laminate floors need to undergo specialized strip and seal cleaning. In a linoleum strip and seal service, the surface is first thoroughly cleaned before any old sealer or wax is removed. The linoleum floor is then restored and protected by a fresh coat of sealant.

Tile Strip and Seal Service: This type of strip and seal service is designed for various tile surfaces such as ceramic, porcelain, or quarry tiles.  Maintaining and improving the beauty of the tile floor, entails removing any old sealant or wax, cleaning the tiles and grout thoroughly, and adding a fresh coat of sealant.

Concrete Strip and Seal Service: To protect against stains, wear, and chemical damage, concrete floors, particularly those in commercial and industrial settings, might have to be stripped and sealed. The procedure normally entails stripping off any existing coatings, thoroughly cleaning the concrete surface, and applying a sealer or coating to offer protection and improve the aesthetic of the floor.

Benefits of Strip & Seal Cleaning

Improving Appearance: Over time, floor surfaces can become dull, stained, or worn due to foot traffic, spills, and other factors. Strip and seal cleaning services help restore the original appearance of the floor by removing old sealant or wax, deep cleaning the surface, and applying a fresh layer of sealant. This process can revive the color, shine, and overall aesthetic appeal of the floor.

Protection against Damage: The floor surface is shielded from harm by the fresh layer of sealant that is applied during the strip and seal cleaning procedure. This helps guard against stains, scratches, moisture penetration, and wear. By sealing the floor, it becomes more resistant to damage caused by daily use, extending its lifespan and reducing the need for repairs or replacements.

Elimination of smell: Over time, floor surfaces can absorb and retain unpleasant odors from spills, food particles, pet accidents, or other sources. Strip and seal cleaning services help to eliminate these odors by removing the old sealant or wax, deep cleaning the floor surface, and applying a fresh layer of sealant. This process effectively eliminates trapped odor-causing particles and provides a fresh and clean environment, free from lingering smells.

Cost-Effective Maintenance: Investing in strip and seal cleaning services can be cost-effective in the long run. By properly maintaining the floor surface through regular cleaning and resealing, the need for expensive repairs or replacements is minimized. The increased durability and protection provided by the sealant contribute to the longevity of the floor, saving money over time.

Service Quality

Pilbara Cleaning Force committed to provide the best possible service quality for cleaning facilities. We get that a clean facility is essential for the health and safety of its occupants as well as for aesthetic reasons. Our team of highly trained professionals is able to provide a comprehensive and efficient cleaning solution that satisfies the particular requirements of each facility we service.

With each task we take on, we are dedicated to providing great service quality because we are passionate about what we do.

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